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Willoid Apparel
Nelson, British Columbia Canada
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    Nelson British Columbia, Canada
    V1L 4Z1
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    Willoid Art & Design, based in Nelson BC, is my graphic design studio. I offer a number of clothing lines featuring my work and collaborations with other artists.

    • House Brand - Encompasses all the variations on the Bot logos and the “Spirit Animals” collaboration series.
    • Golfclap - Inspired by various aspects of pop culture; anime, gaming, etc. “Per gaudio invenio sapientia” is Latin for “Through joy find wisdom”.
    • Metal Love - Inspired by metal and the darker side.
    • Onbolts - Inspired by riding skateboards and snowboards.
    • FoRever - Inspired by automotive culture and motorsport.

    I use premium quality American Apparel garments, and the designs are printed using DTG (Direct to Garment) technology, giving super-soft hand feel and an infinite array of vibrant colours.
    Designed and printed in BC, on shirts made in California, a Willoid garment is truly a product of the West Coast. It might even be called a “1000-mile shirt”...

    I keep things fresh and exclusive by limiting most runs to 5-20 pieces and offering new designs each summer/winter. Every piece has a hang tag featuring the Willoid name/logo, and a handwritten edition number (ie 1/10).

    Custom orders are also available. Almost anything available from my suppliers can be combined with any of my designs to give you or your shop an exclusive edition, available nowhere else. Visit or contact me for more information.

    Thank you!

    Will Taylor
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